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Hotel Bero

Lindores Whiskyfest

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The Lindores Whisky Society – Whiskyfest 2014.

Join us for an exciting weekend of Whisky enjoyment. On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November 2014 you will have the opportunity to taste old, rare and exquisite whiskies, often no longer available, but truly adorable. We will feature more then 1000 different whisky bottles. So if you are a true whisky lover and passionate about the water of life, join us.

The Lindores Whiskyfest is being held in Hotel Bero, Hofstraat 1a, 8400 Oostende Belgium.

The entrance fee includes a free Lindores tasting glass and admittance to the whiskyrooms where each dram of your choice at the whisky booths will be charged accordingly. The entrance fee does not include participation to the Lindores Presents Whisky Tasting which will be charged separately and needs to be booked using the above ticket form as soon as details are available.